Customer Testomionials

--Bryan B.

​​​It was great to work with you, Miriam.You have not only a steady hand but a gentle way that proved invaluable in helping us arrive at an equitable agreement.  I'm also very grateful for your willingness to work with us during a few moments when the parameters changed quite quickly and we needed to quickly "call the audible."   Though a difficult time in our lives, I know we're far better off for having worked with you.

--Susan H.

Thank you so much for your time and patience with us.  You did an amazing job at making sure we were both treated fairly. 

--Sarah P.

I really want to thank you for making this process as smooth as it was. It all could have gone very differently. There was a moment last summer, …when I wasn't sure that mediation would be possible, and a few rough patches along the way.  But you got us through those times, and I'm very grateful for that.  I'm very happy to have all of this behind me - it is an enormous relief.  Thank you so much for your skillful and sensitive work.

--Kait H

Thank you so much for all you have done to help! You are always so thoughtful!
My sincerest thanks and much happiness to you. 

--Rich M & Linn C-M, Florida ​

As parents living in Florida, with our  daughter getting divorced in Massachusetts,  it was so very difficult to sit on the sidelines and watch the agonizing process.   We were extremely gratified and thankful for your calm, dedicated efforts through the course of the mediation.
Since we were unable to be there ... we are so grateful that you were.  Your calm, courteous, professional services at both convenient and inconvenient times helped in countless ways.  THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS and know that they meant the world to us.  We feel our daughter could not have had any better help getting her life back 

--Stewart F.

The judge commented that the agreement was very thorough. ...Miriam, thanks for your help with this.  We've come through this in much better shape than some of the people we saw this morning [in court]. 

--Melissa B.

We appreciate both your kindness and professional expertise.  

--Christine C.

We both had [our] lawyers review the draft and both were impressed with the level of detail, so thank you very much! 

--Amy B.

Thanks Miriam.  It was a pleasure working with you.

--George S.

 Thank you Miriam for all your information, guidance and care. 

--Lisa S

Thanks so much for your patience, diligence, and time, Miriam - it wasn't an easy process emotionally, but you made all the other aspects of it easy! I and B. really appreciate all your help.

-- Monica P.

Thank you for your guidance and your support in making the sometimes-difficult process of disentangling J's life and mine a little easier.  

--Ann F.

As always, thank you so much Miriam.  This was everything I needed to know.  ….  Thanks again for your help

--Kait H.

I can't thank you enough, Miriam. You have made this process so much more bearable for me, and it means more than you can imagine!

--Tom H.

You are an exceptional person and are very fair.

--Dragana M.

Many thanks for all of your help through this painful process.